Monday, August 3, 2009

Thanks for the Awards, Friends!

Thank you Chris - Twinkleglows for giving me this award as well! I really appreciate it *hugs*

Thank you to Ashleyfor the Honest Award! She's such a sweetie, her goal is go be in National figure skating and I think she's determined and good hearted, she'll be successful! I will be thinking about the nominations to pass the award on. I'll have it on my left sidebar.

1.I grew up in Queens, nearby New York City Manhattan. Fabulous place to visit and drops loads into a fun shopping spree! Lol. And I know what good Italian pizza from Napoli and Siciliy tastes like, well living in NYC, you can't avoid that. I practically went to eat there after elementary school almost every day.
2. I have 2 kids both I love dearly - Aaron and Adriana , I will attach a picture of them. I have 1 younger sister and 1 younger brother.
3. I use to play the piano really well, my teacher arranged for me to have examinations at Carngie Hall - Performance center in NYC and then I had kids and moved away from NY. Don't really have time to play these days.
4. I lived in Phoenix AZ for a while closer to my inlaws but now they moved to San Antonio, just 1.5 away. I love them dearly.
5. I love to eat junk food especially at night when all my kids go to sleep.
6. I have an addition to shopping and it usually cycles through stuff like orchids & orchidariums, quilts & fabrics, stamps and beads.
7. My husband and I got married younger than most people, we married at age 22
I met my husband online in a computer text based game- before the age of internet chatroom, and before AOL. We were 18 when we met, and we weren't looking to date. it was just a playing friend.
8. I teach the nursery class at my Church every other Sunday.
9. I love massages and my physical therapist.
10. I love my husband, he's such a great provider. He has given me everything I ever wanted, tons of stuff, I can't think of one thing he hasn't gotten for me.. probably the Moon. But I'd rather have stamps and accessories than the Moon.. Lol.

Picture of my family :

Love to you ~ wonderful readers! xox ~Jeni

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